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Arboreto Lussich

Visit the Reservation in the Department of Maldonado, Uruguay.

It is a reservation of flora created by Antonio Lussich from 1896. This park shapes a miscellany that generates a special microatmosphere since it has species of all parts of the world.

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Main street in La Barra.

The Barra of Maldonado

With its own character and a special singularity, The Barra is one of the prettiest walks of realizing in the areas of Punta del Este.

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Forced walk for the one who visits Top Whale in the Department of Maldonado, Uruguay.

Museum of the Sea

It is an ideal walk to realize with children.

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Gorriti Island

Along with the Peninsula there finds the Island of Gorriti a place where exclusive holidays are realized and embark luxurious yachts.

House of Marfetán

Another attraction point in the Town Soriano is the Regional museum "Santo Domingo of Soriano" and Library "Dámaso Antonio Larrañaga".

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The Muelle

Without doubts if he wants to enjoy the nature without having to move away from the people, one of the best places is the wharf to enjoy to her plenary meeting

Antigua house of the Gral. Galarza

Declared National Historic monument.

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